Did you get hacked

Getting Hacked…

Another problem is getting hacked, whether its your computer or accounts such as Facebook, emails or bank accounts. First and foremost is to “LOG OUT” of accounts when finished…login then logout. (sign in/sign out). Change your password often with a long, easy to remember…one with at least 10 digits and included characters, capital, numbers, etc. In the case of FP or webmail, you could lose your account and have to start a new one.

Password headaches!

Password headaches!

If your computer gets hacked…through a virus or an over the phone imposter who says he’s from Microsoft (happened to a few people I know) and tells you about a virus on your computer. He asks you to do a few things on your computer and he takes control of your computer. Once a hacker has control of your computer…it’s nearly impossible to regain control unless disconnect from the internet and run virus scans. You may have to completely reinstall everything on your system however.

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