Secure Computer

How secure is your computer …is it infected with viruses…what you can do.

I would guest that at least 50% of home computers out there are already infected with virus or malware.  There are some things you can do to slow down (or stop) infections depending what you want to do. Adding an anti virus program is a good start but making sure it and other apps, win (operating system) are updated regularly. These updates are usually done automatically but sometimes viruses will cancel auto update. So check the windows update history to make sure it updates regularly. This is a sure sign of viruses if it does not update regularly.

The bottom line is when you get a virus/malware/hack, you will have to deal with it and talk to a tech about the problem. This can be costly, but also the only way to fix the problem, if you want to go in this direction. If you don’t do any banking, use your credit cards to buy online or store confidential documents, no problem except for photos, music, documents, which you can replace you can go ahead and get your computer cleaned. Often it will be wiped clean and you will lose everything on it.

If you do banking online etc. you should be much more careful with your security and when in doubt, call somebody that can answer your questions.

Educate yourself:

– Only click through to trusted sources when conducting searches, especially on topics with high attention
–  Never update “media player,” “codec,” or “Flash” when promoted by a site hosting videos or not affiliated with that application
– Do not use P2P applications (Lime Wire, Torrents) on business machines and be cautious on home machines as well
– Do not click on links or attachments in spam email

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